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About me


My name is Mario, I’m a Hands-on Software Architect and Lead Backend Engineer with decades of Software Engineering and Software Development experience, I specialize in Architecting and Implementing Performant Real Time Scalable Web Services.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to manage, mentor and guide junior and experienced engineers, both collocated as well as distributed across multiple timezones; in recent years I’ve been focused on using Go for building Web-based Enterprise Systems, using REST and gRPC.

During my career I’ve been able to work in different industries, delivering different types of production software, ranging from Real Time Automation Control Systems to Linux Accessibility APIs to Enterprise Advertising Web Applications.

Feel free to explore my Gitlab and Github profiles for learning more about some of the Open Source projects I’m currently maintaining, you can reach out to me at <blog><@><>.


Please be aware of the following:

The views expressed on this weblog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Note to journalists and other readers: Unless you receive express written permission to the contrary from the author of the content of this blog reproduction or quotation of any statements appearing on this blog is not authorized.