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2022: In retrospective
Jan 01, 2023

Back in 2022 I had some plans, let’s see what happened since then.

2022, personally

Last year we spent a good fair amount of time doing interesting activities:

  • We attended the Stranger Things: The Experience to celebrate the new and final season of the popular show by Netflix Stranger Things, which by the way had an amazing first half. I’m looking forward to the last half,
  • We traveled to Pittsburgh during the Labor Day weekend to visit PNC Park and more importantly watch our Mets play against the Pirates, sadly the games were postponed because of rain (although it didn’t rain at all those days!); so instead we visited a few different museums instead, great experience nevertheless,
  • As usual we attended New York Comic Con, this time only two days, and
  • Lastly I think we saw a record amount of Mets games live (30+), it was a great season and our first post-season ever, too bad it ended too soon.

We did more activities but those are highlights, as usual spending time doing stuff other than work is always welcomed and healthy for sure.

2022, professionally

Back in February I changed jobs and so far it has been great experience, it’s amazing to learn new things every day. Interestingly enough this the largest company I’ve worked for; it was definitely overwhelming when I joined specially regarding all the enterprise-wide initiatives that affect thousands of engineers.

At the same time I think because of this change I neglected my personal professional projects, meaning this blog and you technical YouTube channel, not a excuse for sure but I saw some of my time being dedicated to do other things instead of investing on what I planned to do, however with that being said my channel has twice as many subscribers than before and the blog seems to getting good traffic, I won’t retire any time soon but still I’m glad the content is useful for everybody 😄.

2023, plans

I’ll continue working on my personal professional projects, I also want to invest a bit of my time and start getting a few extra credentials, perhaps certifications or similar. Let’s make 2023 better than last year.

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