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2021: In retrospective
Jan 01, 2022

Another year in the books, last one was better than the previous ones for sure! Specially 2020!

2021, personally

Last year we were able to attend our first ever MLB All Star Game weekend! As a baseball fan it was one of those bucket list kind-of items I had to try, really it was amazing! We bought tickets last minute and it was a great experience. The cool thing about this event is that it happened in Denver, Colorado, a city I had a chance to visit during Gophercon 2018:

Denver is a city we enjoyed as a family before the pandemic and at the time we were there last year it was like nothing was happening, everything was open and people were having fun! Cool stuff, I also took a bunch of pictures:

Similarly, back in New York City, because everything was getting better New York Comic-Con was another event we were able to attend, it was limited capacity which I personally really enjoyed because Comic-Con before was super crowded!

Overall, considering how awful 2020 was, I think this year was fun for all of us.

2021, plans

Last year really my plan was to focus on my technical YouTube channel, I think I accomplished what I wanted to, it’s still a work in progress for sure but to date I already reached more than 3,000 subscribers which is really cool! I’ll continue uploading weekly, sharing what I know with real-life examples, at the moment using Go but I will explore new programming languages in the near future.

2022, plans

What I’m planning to do this year is the following:

  • Create a consistent schedule that applies to both this blog and my technical YouTube channel,
  • Work on some paid technical courses

I’m looking forward to 2022.

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