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GopherCon / GoVirCon 2020
Nov 15, 2020

GopherCon 2020 (or should I say #GoVirCon?!) is officially over 😩, I was lucky enough to attend GopherCon 2018 2 years ago and I had such a wonderful time, I talked to some of my Go buddies as well and I was able to catch up with some old friends.

This year was obviously a “tiny bit” different, meetings in person was not encouraged and traveling was harder than before… however thanks to the GopherCon team and all the speakers we were able to watch some talks and attend some trainings live. This year everything went full remote, the concept was really interesting for sure, talks were pre-recorded but streamed live during their normal scheduled time, this concept in particular gave me some sort of normalcy, it was like being there waiting for the talk to start.

And because everything was pre-recorded (the coolest feature really IMO!) I was being able to watch all the talks anytime I wanted. My favorite talks so far are:

I will continue watching all the remaining talks and I will definitely update the list above if needed.

Great job GopherCon team and speakers, keep it up!

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