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Wrapping up 2019
Dec 30, 2019

Looking back at this year I think 2019 has been the most mentally exhausting year so far, both personally and professionally, starting when things took a sharp turn the first months of the year following with hard-to-keep-up months, eventually (thankfully) everything stabilized. This year messed up my mental health a tiny bit for sure, but it also helped me realize the real important things I have in life and appreciate them even more. Thinking positively I see all this as a way for encouraging me to achieve greater things.

Considering 2019 is almost over, did I accomplish what I planned beginning of the year?

  • Continue what I started 4 years ago!

    I did make some progress for sure, this is an ongoing goal so in practice I don’t think that I will ever complete it. I keep trusting the process.

  • Complete nit by the end of February

    nit was released in April and it is considered a production/stable release, however after making this release official on reddit I realized I still have some work to do, basically to add support for the standard code organization that everybody implicitly seems to follow.

  • Read more than 20 books

    I’m certain this was accomplished but I totally forgot to update the books list with the titles I completed. One thing for sure I added this year to my how-to-learn-new-things repertoire was consuming online video courses, I don’t have a exact number I think I completed more than 20 video courses, both including live training and offline ones.

  • Attend GothamGo 2019 and Gophercon 2019

    I had lots of fun attending Gophercon 2018 and I was really looking forward to visiting San Diego but sadly I wasn’t able to do it. Similar situation with Gotham Go, I attended last year but then I couldn’t. I will try again next year for sure!

  • Start a new open Source project

    I started swagger-lint which is an Opinionated Swagger 2.0 spec linter, this is basically to normalize the way models are defined, it is still a work in progress I should be releasing it some time soon.

What are my plans in 2020?

  • Continue what I started 4 years ago!,
  • Consume at least 300 technical resources,
  • Continue working on Open Source: start a new one project, complete swagger-lint and upgrade nit.

2020: I made a choice, committed to it and I trusted the process.

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