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Finished Reading: Event Streams in Action
Jun 17, 2019

Event Streams in Action is a book written by Alexander Dean and Valentin Crettaz, published in May 2019 by Manning Publications.

Event Streams in Action centers around the unified log, it specifically uses Apache Kafka and AWS Kinesis as concrete platforms to exemplify how event streaming works, similar to other in Action books, Event Streams follows the pattern where each chapter covers one concrete topic, using either Kafka or Kinesis, it introduces hyphotetical companies from different industries to get the point accross.

It mentions related tools/libraries that specifically apply to each platform, for example KCL for Kinesis, and Apache Samza for Kafka; it also goes into covering the multiple different frameworks used for processing events real-time.

Key takeaways in Event Streams in Action:

  • Events enrichement/validation and how to handle failures,
  • Handling stateful streaming, and
  • Analytics-on-read and Analytics-on-write strategies.

I did find Event Streams in Action valuable, it’s packed with a lot of good information (and more importantly relevant!), it’s not an easy read unless you’re already a bit familiar with AWS and the services they already provide, however the included Appendix should give you enough information in case you’re not familiar with Amazon Web Services.

Verdict Buy it!

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