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Go Tip: Server to Server Authentication + Azure Active Directory
Jun 06, 2019

Last time we used Azure Active Directory for authenticating real users, this time let’s do something similar but instead of doing it for real users let’s do it for Server Side authentication, basically allow one service authenticate with another one, server side, thanks to Azure Active Directory.


  • You have already a working service that uses Azure Active Directory for Authentication, this is the service we are going to connect to, this is the server, make sure you have its Application ID
  • You are familiar with Azure Active Directory, so you can follow the setup instructions below

Setting it up

  • Similar to the server, register a new Azure Active Directory, there’s no need to input a Redirect URI, this is the client
  • Edit that newly created app, go to the Certificates & secrets section (on the left side), and add a New client secret save this value somewhere, this is the secret

Azure Active Directory Secretsimage full size

For allowing everything to work we will need three things:

  • resource: the server Application (client) ID,
  • client_id: the client Application (client) ID, and
  • client_secret: the client secret (value fromCertificates & secret).


Take a look at the existing repository, the important bits are the following:

  • The Server, similar to the other one except this one does not consider the GUIDs.
  • The Client, uses the Service-to-service access token request workflow to request for posting the request to the server

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