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nit: MVP release
Apr 09, 2019

Beginning of the year I described my plans for this year, one thing I wanted to complete by the end of February was finishing nit, the opinionated code organization linter, it took longer than expected but it is finally available and more importantly it’s on production and being actively used.

The most recent version to date is v0.6.0, to install it:

  • Using go (< 11.1): go install or download a precompiled release.
  • Using go (>= 1.11): GO111MODULE=on go get,
  • Using retool: retool add v0.6.0.

I also shared this tool with the Reddit community, the sentiment I got from the comments is it would be nice to support the standard code organization, where the code is more or less organized like:

type Foo struct{}
func NewFoo() *Foo { return &Foo{} }
func (f *Foo) Run() {}

type Bar struct{}
func NewBar() *Bar { return &Bar{} }
func (b *Bar) Run() {}

And really I don’t disagree with that style either, I will definitely add support in the near future.

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