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Finished Reading: Software Architect's Handbook
Jan 23, 2019

Software Architect’s Handbook is a book written by Joseph Ingeno and published in August 2018 by Packt.

I like approaching Packt books with caution because sometimes the content seems rushed and lacks quality, and some others the content is good and polished, it’s kind of a flip of coin with this publisher. I also like buying their books every time I see bundles or goods discounts, so there’s that as well.

This time I was lucky enough to get Software Architect’s Handbook for only $5. I was expecting something similar to Architectural Patterns, a book covering said topic but also a book all over the place. I was wrong! Software Architect’s Handbook is definitely worth your time investment and really you should pay full price for it.

I like it takes the very best of other books I’ve read in the past, from new ones (like Building Evolutionary Architectures, Microservices Patterns and Microservices in Action) to classic ones (like Domain Driven Design), it organizes correctly all that knowledge so you can get the best after reading it.

My personal highlights include dedicating chapters to cover:

  • Security,
  • Soft Skills, and
  • Becoming a better Software Architect

Three important topics I rarely see mentioned in technical books, specially Soft Skills which seems to be a huge problem in our industry.

Even if you’re not a Software Architect nor you’re looking to become one, you should read this book because it covers relevant topics that will help you immediately to become a better professional.

Verdict Buy it!

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