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Envisioning 2019
Jan 03, 2019

2018 was greater than 2017, professionally and personally I was able to achieve the things I wanted to and planned to do.


  • 100% Go-fication started!,
  • I grew my Backend team!,
  • I was promoted and given more responsibility!,
  • Our team was able to deliver the first phase of our new proprietary platform, and
  • We made sure our existing platform was able to handle all the traffic coming from the newly acquired Time Inc properties, which is more than 6 times than before!


What are my plans in 2019?

At least this is want I want to accomplish in 2019:

  • Continue what I started 4 years ago!,
  • Complete nit by the end of February,
  • Read more than 20 books,
  • Attend GothamGo 2019,
  • Attend Gophercon 2019, and
  • Start a new open Source project.

As usual in 2019, I made a choice, committed to it and I trusted the process.

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