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Finished Reading: A Philosophy of Software Design
Sep 19, 2018

A Philosophy of Software Design, it’s a short academic book written by John Ousterhout and published by Standford University in 2018.

I discovered this book after a few people mentioned it on Twitter, it covers different facets related to Software Design, it is not a tutorial nor a really technical book, it is definitely a philosophical companion for your Software Design life.

A Philosophy of Software Design is a quick and easy read that mostly focuses on the general things to consider when implementing code, like comments, visibility, naming conventions, and consistency among others things.

In essence A Philosophy of Software Design is defined by its two summaries: Design Principles and Red Flags, where in some cases you need a bit more of context to understand the summary point but most of the times the short sentence is enough.

You may not agree with everything in the book but still it’s worth your time investment.

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