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I'm ready for July 2018
Jun 27, 2018

It is really crazy that today, 14 years and 2 days ago, I started blogging. My first post describes the naive idea of rewriting Blogger.

The “funny” thing is that a month later I would be completing an ActiveView-like library, written in PHP4 using the newly introduced support for classes, called HTML2PHP. It was slow as hell, I think I overused the new class feature. I decided to go crazy and implement it in a few days because back in the day I was thinking that “The Web” was going to be the lingua franca of the technical world.

I was so right.

Anyways! To celebrate this awesome milestone I decided to travel back in time, migrate from CVS to git the repo using Docker obviously!

Oh by the way

Today I started using HTTPS for my blog. I’ve been using https professionally for years already but setting yours on your own was an interesting experience, from buying the certificate, associate it to the domain, making changes here and there, to finally have it ready.

Long live the padlock!

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