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Finished Reading: The TAO of Microservices
Mar 26, 2018

The TAO of Microservices is a relatively recent book written by Richard Rodger and published by Manning in December 2017. It takes a different approach than other books I read already about the same topic of Microservices because it focuses on a different paradigm: breaking down microservices based on their message interaction, which not surprisingly reminds me a lot of an AWS Product we are trying out.

The TAO of Microservices does a great job introducing the Microservices Architecture, comparing it to your regular Monolith system and explaining its pros and cons. I liked how in The TAO of Microservices the author is talking to you as a Software Architect, in a way it empowers you by doing so and it enforces the idea of being responsible when building and designing systems, and encourages you to think well before choosing this new Microservices Architecture.

It includes well known, and fundamental, concepts (similar to the ones also described in Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change) such as Circuit Breaker, Backpressure and Dead-Letter Queues; as well as monitoring, secure storage and tracing.

My favorite thing in The TAO of Microservices is the mention of Move Fast and Break Nothing, please take some time to read the link and watch the video, it is really worth your time; and I feel is one of those arts Software Developers have lost in the recent years.

One thing that threw me off a bit is this last quote:

Writting bad code should never be a recommendation for anyone, it’s like saying “be sloppy, don’t care about it… you will get rid of it anyways. I think I understand the idea behind adding this qoute but I also think putting it like that out there could give an incorrect idea and taint this new Microservices Architecture “phenomenon”.

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