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Finished Reading: The 10X Rule
Feb 11, 2018

That quote from The 10X Rule reminded me of both The Compound Effect and The ONE Thing. The 10X Rule differs to those two books because it mostly focuses on one single thing “Do everything 10x times”, yes plain and simple: “do 10x! Do 10X, DO 10X!!”. This premise is repeated intentionally, I presume, multiple times in the book.

The 10X Rule is a sales book and even if in your regular job you’re not directly involved in selling things, you will find it useful because in the end as a computer programers we are always selling intangible stuff: our ideas, how we approach certain problems and in the end the final programmed solutions, we sell that to everybody, like our colleagues and managers.

The 10X Rule is a book written by Grant Cardone published by Wiley in 2011; it’s a relative short sales/motivational book; it’s about being persistent and it encourages you to work really hard to achieve whatever extraordinary goal you’re planing. It feels sometimes a bit redundant and repetitive but in the end I suppose that was the original intention: to repeat the premise multiple times to make it a habit (kind of like The Power of Habit).

Having been recommended this book a few times I expected a bit more, I don’t believe The 10X Rule is a bad read but I don’t think it’s an awesome one either however I still found it valuable and inspirational.

Money well spent.

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