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Finished Reading: The Manager's Path
Jan 28, 2018

Being a Technical Manager is tougher than being a Manager because it includes dealing with technical people and I know for sure we could be the most biased individuals out there, for better or worse.

I’m not complaining but I know, as being a technical person, we are passionate about what we do and how we do it, so I’m not surprised that it takes an extra effort to handle certain situations when managing a group of technical individuals.

In the past I read similar books to The Manager’s Path for: managing people (Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager), managing projects (Elastic Leadership) and also how to deal with not so pleasant situations (Beyond Blame and Debugging Teams).

The Manager’s Path differentiates all the previous ones because it is written as the evolution in professional growth from the author’s perspective, it indirectly explains how the author’s position transitioned into a management role: from being an Engineer, to Tech Leader, next to Director and finally CTO. More importantly it is written for technical individuals who wish to transition to a Technical Leadership position at some point in their career and who, maybe, never had proper management training.

The Manager’s Path is a not-so long book written by Camille Fournier that was published by O’Reilly in 2017. I found it fills the gaps left by all previous books I’ve read in the past, specially because it dedicates chapters for: Performance Reviews, Dealing with Dysfunctional Teams and Creating Culture, topics that although really useful are rarely covered; I personally found those specific chapters extremely useful, not to mention it is written from a start up perspective as well so it could be useful for professionals starting their career.

The Manager’s Paths is an enjoyable reading that will definetly help you to become the best Technical Leader you want to be.

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