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Goals: December 2017
Dec 02, 2017

This is it, this is the last report of this 3 year (unintentional) project.

What happened last month?

I feel like November 2017 was the worst month so far during this project; that is strange because I did complete the two goals I planned: reading both Mastering Kubernetes and Bigger Leaner Stronger, however it still feels kind of weird, it’s that strange feeling of not accomplishing anything personally, anything fulfilling, really weird.

I won’t be doing these monthly reports next year, December 2017 is the last month of this project. Privately I will plan my goals for the next month but I won’t make those public.

The year (and this project) is not over but so far I can say it has been great, it’s so refreshing to go back and work on your personal development, learn because you want to learn and really focus on your career, the things you want to achieve and realize the progress (big or small) it’s there and you feel you’re getting better. It’s like high school and college all over again. Refreshing.

It is strange as well because the books and content I’ve been reading so far has been really relevant to my personal and professional life, it must be coincidence.

Either way I want to close the year with a bang, I know I will be having a lot of downtime but I’m sure something awesome can be accomplished.

And I will accomplish something awesome.

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