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Goals: November 2017
Nov 01, 2017

Two more months and I will complete the plan I started (not intentionally) in June 2015, almost 3 years of doing this monthly review. Exciting times ahead.

What did I accomplish last month?


I’m still improving what we built during the last 3 years, making everything faster and adding some fancy new features, fixing and improving, rinse and repeat.


I was able to finish reading two books, both of them cover building microservices: Building Microservices and Building Microservices with Go; and I already started reading two books already: Mastering Kubernetes and Bigger Leaner Stronger.

I did blog about Gitlab CI Services and I’m still working on a new post related to Database Tasks which should be posted this month.

What am I planning for November 2017?

Complete the two books I already started reading, workout more and more; and rest. I must rest and recharge.

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