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Finished Reading: Building Microservices with Go
Oct 24, 2017

Following the Building Microservices reading-trend, I just finished reading Building Microservices with Go, a much more Go-oriented Building Microservices book, which, not surprisingly, complements the one I read before.

Building Microservices with Go is a, relative, brand new book. It was published in July 2017 by Packt and brings a lot of specific Go (and not Go) ideas related to creating microservices.

Similar to other books, it distributes the examples via Github, all the chapters have a dedicated repository. The content overlaps nicely with all the previous books I’ve read so far this year (and before), it suggest a bunch of cool new libraries and projects like:

Plus some really nice tools:

I enjoyed Building Microservices with Go, it was a great complementary and really relevant read for Go. I’m not disappointed.

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