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Finished Reading: Building Microservices
Oct 11, 2017

I meant to buy this book when it was announced a few years ago but for whatever reason I forgot, either way I’m so happy I already own it.

Building Microservices (affiliate link) is a book written by Sam Newman and published in 2015 by O’Reilly. It is a quick read that covers practically all aspects related to Microservices, mostly theoretical however, it works really well as an introduction to Microservices, it could even serve as a quick reference as well after you’re done reading it.

I liked the way Building Microservices is presented, how the chapters are organized and the content is introduced, like I said before it is mostly theoretical but it does mention a few tools that are still relevant to the problems mentioned.

It covers everything required for Microservices: testing, deployment, security, monitoring and scalability; providing pros and cons for each topic. One thing I noticed is that it does reference Martin Fowler a few times, some of his patterns and what not; Sam does also have his own patterns for Microservices.

Good reading. It becomes my go-to Microservices reference from now on.

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