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Finished Reading: Streaming Data
Jul 24, 2017

Streaming Data (affiliate link) is practically a brand new book, it was published a few months back in May 2017, I originally bought the MEAP version but I waited for the final version to start reading it, it was worth the wait. Streaming Data was written by Andrew G. Psaltis and it was published by Manning.

Streaming Data cements all the knowledge I got from experience and reinforces all the best practices I’ve been applying for a few years already. It does a phenomenal work introducing the whole Streaming Data cycle, it provides specific examples about what software to use on each step and what is more important it dedicates a whole chapter to each specific step.

The only bad thing about Streaming Data is the last chapter where a working example is presented to explain how to capture and process streaming data. To be honest this is not a deal breaker, I’m just not fond of full code examples in books, those always are my less favorite thing.

Streaming Data is great and perfect if you’re in the process of accepting high speed data (spoiler alert: give Firehose Kinesis a try!) in a way it complements Big Data.

Great book read it.

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