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Goals: July 2017
Jul 01, 2017

I may sound like a broken record but June was just like previous months: a blink of an eye.


Last month was a success! Our massive project was delivered before the estimated time, so that was really cool. That being said my personal goal this month is to spend all my time improving our system, I feel now is time; before holiday season.


Sadly I could not read all the books I planned, the leftover from June (Boundaries) took significantly longer than expected, but I did read Debugging Teams, also I realized until later that Streaming Data did not have the ePub available yet (supposedly it was going to be released on June 30th, but that did not happen either), so shame on me.

In other good news, I posted about using JSON Arrays in Rails 5, my first Rails 5 experience and actually the first time I build a new app from scratch since Rails 2, this post gave me the perfect excuse to see the new defaults, there’s a github repo as well.

What am I planning for July 2017?

Complete the book I missed last month (Streaming Data), also read the following:

  • The Obstacle Is the Way
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • The Power of Habit

Also I want to start this new series of posts regarding building a healthy codebase plus some other technical posts I have already drafted. I will make some time to post something interesting.

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