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Goals: June 2017
Jun 01, 2017

Similar to April, May was a practically a blink of an eye.


There’s a new massive project going on, my team and I are building a lot of new things. I’m really satisfied with the progress we are making and more importantly I’m pleased with the way I designed the original system architecture 3 and a half years ago. I know there are lot of things that can be improved but the system has aged well.


I finished reading 3 books, one of them a leftover from June:

Sadly Web Performance in Action took significantly longer than estimated and that did not allow me to complete two of the planned books from last month:

  • Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No currently in progress, and
  • Debugging Teams: Better Productivity through Collaboration not yet started

I will complete both of them and add a third one Streaming Data, that should be enough for this month.

What am I planning for June 2017?

I will complete what I’m planning also I already some posts drafted covering some things I want to write about. I feel like this month free time will be easy to find.

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