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Finished Reading: Web Performance in Action
May 26, 2017

Web Performance in Action (affiliate link) is a book written by Jeremy L. Wagner and published by Manning Publications in December 2016.

Web Performance in Action is one of the most useful books I’ve read this year, its relevance to my job and the fact that it is a recent one make it a really valuable and relevant reading. I learned a bunch of new tricks that already made the difference when building new Web Services. Although I specialize in Backend and Web APIs, the content described in the book is still very useful.

Web Performance in Action is definitely a must for all people working on Web Services, this includes the Sysadmins in charge of the Web Servers and obviously the programmers behind the code using those Web Servers. I may read like a broken record but it is indeed a book that has to be read by everybody building software that uses Web Browsers for interacting with users.

My personal takeaways:

  • Flexbox
  • img’s srcset
  • Flash of Invisible Text and Flash of Unstyled Content
  • Compression tips for Javascript, Images and regular HTML files.
  • Native alternatives to jQuery functions
  • Making your Web Service work offline.
  • HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 best practices and how to deliver HTTP/2 while having HTTP/1 compatibility.

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