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Finished Reading: Ego is The Enemy
Apr 06, 2017

Continuing with my personal theme of reading more non-technical self-improvement books tonight I completed reading Ego is The Enemy (affiliate link) a book written by Ryan Holiday and published by Portfolio.

I’m surprised Ego is The Enemy touches topics The Extraordinary Leader also references: Self Control and Humility. I did not plan to read these books in this order but I’ll take it.

Ego is The Enemy is a collection of stories from famous people, from politicians to actors, to athletes to warlords. Although a short book it is a really concise one, it is divided in 3 big sections: Aspire, Success and Failure, each section having its own well paced collection of stories relevant to the main topic.

In the end Ego is The Enemy reinforces what The Extraornardy Leader somehow explicitly covered: Be humble, listen and have self-control.

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