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Goals: April 2017
Apr 01, 2017

My favorite month of the year: April, is here!

Having learned from February, I decided to set clear and concise goals last month. In March I did accomplish what I planned, so no underestimation at all either, what I planned was completed.


I’ve been working more and more on Go-related projects, and I’ve been enjoying every single part of it, I need to come up (for real!) with a personal project that really engages me so I can spend time on my own coding using Go. I know I already have templenv but to tell the truth the project is practically feature complete so I have nothing else to add.

Also, as usual, Ruby was also part of March and on that front I learned about the bypass rescue option in Rspec.


I finished reading all the planned books:

and also I already started reading Ego Is The Enemy, really cool book by the way, I should complete that one this first week of April.

What am I planning for April 2017?

Complete the following books:

  • Ego Is The Enemy,
  • The ONE Thing, and
  • Neo4j in Action.

Related to Neo4j I have to do some R&D for what I believe will be a huge differentiator in our proprietary platform.

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