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Finished Reading: The Extraordinary Leader
Mar 27, 2017

Compared to the previous book, The Extraordinary Leader (affiliate link) is a extremely short one, I think it took me less than two hours to complete, not that being short is a bad thing but it does feel kind of weird to complete a book this quick.

The Extraordinary Leader is a book written by Serena Richards published in 2015. This book marks the beginning of a series of non-technical books I will be reading this year, mostly focusing on things I want to improve to become a better Project Manager and Technical Leader. The Extraordinary Leader covers similar subjects included in books I read previously like Elastic Leadership and Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager (affiliate link), however it does add a tiny thing that got stuck in my head: self control and the importance of having it to become a great leader.

In the end The Extraordinary Leader is a good and short reading that complements the similar books, I do believe a bit more of content would have been nice maybe a few real-life examples.

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