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Finished Reading: AWS Lambda in Action
Mar 03, 2017

AWS Lambda in Action (affiliate link) is a book written by Danilo Poccia and published by Manning Publications in November 2016. Similar to other Manning books I own I got this one while it was in early access, I got it because I’m super interested in this new buzzword called Serverless.

AWS Lambda in Action perfectly introduces this new Amazon service, almost all chapters include practical examples with code written in both JavaScript and Python. It explains how to deploy, test and design a service using AWS Lambda, how to interact with other AWS Services, like API Gateway and Dynamo DB as well as external services such as MongoDB, as well as how to log and monitor your Lambda functions.

The meaty part in AWS Lambda in Action is the last chapters where everything intersects and you are able to build a complete Lambda-based API, the only topic I feel needed a bit more of content is Testing; I know it is hard to have a dependency on a web-based service like Lambda and run your tests locally without an internet connection but I guess a few examples maybe using mocks or something provided by Amazon would have helped, obviously not the author’s fault if the tools do not exist at this time.

AWS Lambda in Action did not disappoint.

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