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Goals: March 2017
Mar 01, 2017

February, the shortest month of the year, is gone, also what a crazy day was yesterday right? Specially for Amazon.

How was February 2017? I believe I failed what I tried to attempt, yes I was able to accomplish some of my personal goals but I did not complete all of them. I really underestimated February, I wanted to do too much and I failed. There’s no shame in failing, there’s a shame in not acknowledging your failures.

The key question here is: what am I planning to change so I can succeed this time, this March 2017? Difficult question but I have some ideas.


I was able to write yet another proprietary Ruby Gem, basically an API for interacting with a Web Service, the cool thing about this new gem is not the actual implementation but the testing-side of it: the idea of sharing the VCR Cassettes for properly testing code using that said gem from a different project.

Besides that Ruby project I had the opportunity to write some client-side JavaScript, using a combination of jQuery and KnockoutJS. JavaScript is not something I see myself doing everyday but still, from time to time, it helps a bit the change of scenery. I even blogged about the KnockoutJS bindings I learned while implementing this new change.


I completed half of the books I planned to read, 2 of 4:

I’m currently reading AWS Lambda in Action and I intentionally postponed reading Go Design Patterns because there was no mobi version available until recently, but finishing those in March is something that will happen.

For me the highlight of February was the change I planned to make to templenv, also added more tests and increased the code coverage; all I need now is to update the CI and get some feedback.

What am I planning for March 2017?

Obviously finish reading both books I didn’t complete in February: AWS Lambda in Action and Go Design Patterns; after those are completed I will start focusing more on non-technical books, specifically I’m planning, to at least, read The Extraordinary Leader and if I still have some March left I will continue with Ego Is the Enemy and The ONE Thing.

Also I must think of pet project, maybe another UML-like project like MonoUML? I don’t know.

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