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Finished Reading: Getting started with Kubernetes
Jan 23, 2017

Getting Started with Kubernetes (affiliate link) is a book written by Jonathan Baier and published by Packt Publishing in December 2015. This is my first Kubernetes book ever, and coincidently I got this one as well for only $5 during the holiday sale, just like I did with Monitoring Docker.

I’m learning all I can about Kubernetes, as a matter of fact I’m also watching the Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes course from Udacity, and I’m also planning to eventually get both Kubernetes in Action and Kubernetes: Up and Running.

I liked this introduction a lot, and honestly it is hard for me to give a bad opinion about this book because I don’t have any other books to compare to. The takeaways I get from this book is a lot of new projects:

Quick read and money well spent.

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