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Finished Reading: Elastic Leadership
Dec 08, 2016

I was interested in Elastic Leadership since I saw the MEAP a couple of months ago, I’m always trying to become a better leader and this book seemed like the obvious one to buy.

I bought Elastic Leadership beginnings of November and started reading right after I finished Specification by Example, to my surprise it did not take me that long to finish. It was an easy read, a few days while commuting and done.

Elastic Leadership resonates with me, having working professionally for more than a decade already I can tell you I have experienced all three phases:

  1. Survival phase: no time to learn
  2. Learning phase: learning to solve your own problems
  3. Self-organizing phase: facilitate, experiment

It’s like every time I read a book about leadership, (just like when I read Beyond Blame) I feel the author is reading my mind. Elastic Leadership is no exception, it certainly explains the frustration we feel as leaders as well as being part of a team.

In the end my takeaways from Elastic Leadership are:

  • Always try to leave your comfort zone to get better, do one thing that scares you every day,
  • Use commitment language when expressing yourself and in a way invite your peers to use the same language,
  • Talk to your teammates and collaborate to avoid being the bottleneck,
  • Follow the Team Leader Manifesto

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