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Goals: December 2016
Dec 01, 2016

This is it. Last month of 2016. I’m super excited because I believe I made some personal progress. Let’s see what I planned last November:

Finish reading “Go In Practice”

Completed during the beginning of November, last of the Go series published by Manning.

Finish reading “Go Programming Blueprints”

I did not even start reading it yet, the funny thing is that there is a new edition already published. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hack “Dynamic Docker Composer”

I did hack a little, the truth is that I decided to rename the project to templenv to make it much more generic, because it isn’t only used for Docker Compose, it could be used for generating any dynamic file.

Hack “Gitlab API integration”

I will pause working on this until I finish, for real, templenv which is a precondition for this project.

Start “Gofication” at work

Slow progress, the truth is that because of the holiday season changing things is kind of risky, of instead of making production changes, I’m researching a lot and obviously reading a lot. I’m excited for 2017, I will change things.

What am I planning for December?

Finish reading Go Programming Blueprints, Elastich Leadership and rest, rest a lot.

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