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Finished Reading: Go Web Programming
Oct 06, 2016

Just finished reading Go Web Programming, a book published by Manning Publications and written by Sau Sheong Chang, this is the second (of three) Go MEAP books I bought. I got the hard copy a few months ago:

This particular one was heavily used during my two week sprint it solved a lot of the questions I had while working on the service I implemented, specially testing and handling multipart data.

Similar to Go In Action this book is written in a way all chapters are laid out continuously so you can build upon what was learned before, it covers everything you can possibly need if you’re planning to build web services in Go, from handlers and forms to testing and deployment. It also covers a few extra Go packages that could be useful for building specific features or improving your testing.

Really satisfied with Go Web Programming, now I need to finish reading Go In Practice to solidify what I’ve been reading and learning since last year.

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