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What I learned from the past two weeks
Sep 30, 2016

Tonight I failed a test I wanted to pass really bad. It sucks to not being able to accomplish something you want to do, but you have to understand that if something happens is for a reason. This time the reason was that I did not prepare myself good enough.

Last two weeks have been a phenomenal learning experience. For the first time in a while I was exhausted because I wanted to be, not because I had to. It was draining and hard, but I liked the feeling of pushing myself towards completing a concrete goal. I spent about 10 nights, more or less, staying up late until midnight, reading and solving exercises, just getting ready, practicing things I learned back in college but I haven’t used in years.

Still it was not enough.

Tonight on my way home, I recalled a thing a coworker mentioned to me during my first job, he is a married man with two children, and although the context of what he told me was related to being in shape; the same idea applies here: “The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to accomplish new things”. Yes it is true, things are more difficult but not impossible.

The truth is that the whole experience was eye opening, not only it takes me longer to prepare myself for stuff like this, but because of the limited free time I have I must use all of it wisely.

In the end the takeaway from all of this is: Study. Practice. Prepare. Repeat.

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