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Finished Reading: Docker in Practice
Sep 19, 2016

Another Docker book from Manning has been completed, this time my first ever In Practice book, which is basically a collection of tip, tricks, best practices and common solutions to be used on a daily basis. The In Practice series are similar to O’Reilly’s Cookbook ones, both follow the same pattern: present a problem, show the solution, group those problems and solutions by a similar theme, profit.

I personally found this book really useful, it complements all other Docker books I’ve read so far, it includes examples that really distinguish the author from other ones, because those examples are battle tested and in some cases it introduces some new Docker-related projects that complemented the ecosystem.

I take a lot from this book, from basic knowledge:

  • docker commit, docker exec
  • Signals sent from docker to the (kill uses KILL, stop uses SIGTERM, for example)

to tips for building proper images:

  • Specifying package versions
  • Flattening images
  • Package Caching

and tips for production

  • Zero downtime switchover
  • Monitoring
  • Debugging

In the end I really believe this book together with Docker in Action are a must and they should be read one after the other to get better results. The only concern I can see with this book is that it will become obsolete really fast (recall Docker keeps changing and new projects keeps popping up), so right now (2016) is still a good time to read it, later? who knows.

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