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Finished Reading: Docker in Action
Sep 01, 2016

Just like a mentioned in my previous blog post, I finished reading Docker in Action today and what a phenomenal book! Actually I believe Manning Publications hand picks their authors because, so far, I always find them well written and with valuable information.

I’m a huge fan of Docker, I liked the concept from the first time I read about it and I’ve been educating myself and using it for about 1 year already. This is the second book I read about Docker, first one was Docker: Up & Running, and the truth is that Docker in Action is superior to the O’Reilly one.

The pace of the book is wonderful, the examples are clear and simple, not too complicated; if I had to complain about something it would be the last chapter, I felt it needed a little bit more, but still a good book overall. Kudos to the Jeff Nickoloff.

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