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Goals: September 2016
Sep 01, 2016

Summer is, sort of, officially finished. Today we start the ninth month of the year. In three months from now 2016 will be no more. Time does fly really fast.

Let’s go back and take a look at what I planned:

Complete reading “Go Web Programming”

The truth is that I got sidetracked reading Docker in Action, which actually I finished reading today, great book by the way, I do plan finish reading Go Web Programming this month, that’s for sure!

Complete reading “Go in Action”

As I mentioned during the August post, I was super close to finish reading it, and of course I did. Surprisingly last month I had two Go-related good news. First I got the Go in Practice book in the mail:

Making it my fifth physical Go book, and third one published by Manning; the second good news is that I finally have a job project using Go, finally!, so that’s phenomenal news for me.

Complete reading “Amazon Web Services in Action”

This was also completed

Have Dynamic Docker Composer “ready”

Obviously a really aggressive goal but I did manage to push some code to github, I had the chance to think about the overall architecture and I progressed a little bit, not as much as I expected but still something, this month is all about keeping the ball rolling.

What am I planning for September?

Again read at least two books, Docker in Action does not count, and hack more Dynamic Docker Composer, hopefully I can integrate it with Gitlab and blog about it.

Only time will tell.

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