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Finished Reading: The Mikado Method
Jun 16, 2016

Finished reading The Mikado Method, a book published by Manning Publications and written by Ola Ellnestam and Daniel Brolund. A quick reading, that’s for sure, it introduces a method for splitting big goals into tiny, measurable and tangible goals.

I bought this book after finding a reference in Re-Engineering Legacy Software, I must say both books somehow complement each other, yes one explicitly covers working and improving legacy software, but does not provide any specific method for doing so.

This book on the other hand, describes a method for working with bad and new Software, bad in a sense of having no tests, old or simply just poorly written. Although most of the examples are in Java, it does cover dynamic typed languages as well.

I like something else in this book besides the explanation of the method: the authors cover both static and dynamic languages, so you know what to do in order to successfully apply this method in the wild.

The method is really simple, and that’s the whole point honestly, to me it works better by using plain old pen and paper.

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