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Finished Reading: Design for the Mind
May 27, 2016

Today I Finished reading what it seems to be my last book of May: Design for the Mind. This one took me way longer that any of the recent ones probably because, although include some technical references, is not technical at all.

Design for the Mind introduced to me a different way of thinking about building products. I know for a fact not all well crafted software products become successful. I know technical beautiness is not what makes a product succeed. It’s more what happens around that product, what makes the user engage more, what makes the user experience feel better, in other words, it does not matter what you think about your product, what matters it’s what your users think about your product.

That’s the cool thing about this book. Design for the Mind focuses on Psychological Principles, principles that would help you design a product and experience in a way that the people you’re trying to reach to, feel like they need to return the favor.

Design for the Mind was not an easy book for me to read, because obviously I knew nothing about Psychology, it included a lot of new concepts but in the end it left me with a new way of thinking when trying to approach new ideas as well as new ways to explain my own ideas to my colleagues and to the end user.

I feel like now I need the UX version of this book to successfully build better and meaningful User Interfaces and Experiences, as soon as I find that book I’ll write a post, that’s for sure.

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