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Goals: May 2016
May 01, 2016

Sadly the month of April is long gone.

Last month was kind of difficult to handle, specially because a lot of work started to pile up and I did not have enough time to read, except while commuting. I was able to finish reading 3 books last month:

  1. Irresistible APIs,
  2. ReactJS Essentials and
  3. Re-Engineering Legacy Software

not bad, but still I feel I can do better. I didn’t really start reading the Go In Action book yet, but I plan to keep the ball rolling, I have an idea I want to explore that will somehow integrate technologies I really want to try out and the topic of the project will keep me motivated, I call this project: The Amazin’ Panic City.

I’m trying to build something big in Go, using MongoDB and with Thrift. This new project seems like the best excuse for doing so, I honestly just need to stop slacking off.

We’ll see what happens this month.

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