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Finished Reading: Irresistible APIs
Apr 02, 2016

I’m a huge fan of Manning Publications and their MEAP Program, specially because those books are usually part of regular deals, and who does not like deals?

Anyways, I had the chance of buying three books from one of the their recent deals, one of those books was Irresistible APIs written by Kirsten Hunter.

The book as you may have guessed already it’s about APIs, why APIs are much more important than you think and in the end it encourages everybody to follow two things:

  1. Think on terms of APIs first.
  2. Your APIs should be easy to use by following well known conventions, specially Web APIs.

Those two things really made me think, because I had experienced the same problem before: APIs are some sort of extra feature, usually looked down and thought as something that would be nice to have.

But the truth is that having this API first mentality is the best thing to have, obviously this not only includes Web APIs, but APIs in general, specially important when building multiple services that have some sort of interaction between them.

Irresistible APIs also introduced three of the well known schema modeling systems:

I’ll be doing some research about all three to see which one makes the most sense to learn nowadays, pretty exciting things happening.

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