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Finished Reading: Beyond Blame: Learning From Failure and Success
Mar 09, 2016

Today I finished reading my 9th book so far this year: Beyond Blame: Learning From Failure and Success, and although the writing was not what I’m used to, I really liked it.

It is written as a story-telling, basically it narrates the story of a Mike who gets fired because he brought down the network at this Financial Firm in Manhattan, which in the end makes this firm lose millions of dollars.

I know this is a made up story, but I sympathize with it a lot, not only because I have seen people get blamed for ridiculous reasons in my professional life, but also because I experienced this first hand at my first job: blame the human, not the real source, it does not matter what happpened, the human operator is guilty.

As a manager and technical lead I like this kind of books, because not only emphasizes what you shouldn’t be doing but it gives you a better perspective on how to handle incidents.

Because in the end, we all are humans and we make mistakes.

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