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Clickjacking and Facebook
Mar 01, 2011

Sometimes it amuses me how stupid and innocent we (humans) are. Detecting a scam when getting an email or receiving a call saying you won X amount of dollars is easy to tell. But when a friend is saying something is more complicated to detect the trick. Because it's your friend saying it and you somehow trust him/her. Right?

Tonight I noticed the following link on my Facebook wall:


Yes the first thing you notice is the butt of what it looks like a "schoolgirl". It looks fishy after you see that lots of your friends liked that link. Is a really good meme or a trick. Anyway after googling (the email included in the source code of the page) I found an interesting analysis of all this. It is so fascinating. Take your time to read that blog. Is really interesting.

Disclaimer: I would lie to you by saying I didn't click it. I did it indeed. Naughty Mario I shouldn't had clicked it. But hey I'm a man!! The photo was depicting a schoolgirl. I had to click it!! :)

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