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HP Pavilion TX2500z. Part III
Nov 22, 2008

There a lot of improvements and fixes in OpenSUSE 11.1 B5, for example you don't need to add the RadeonHD repository because B5 already includes the fix, however there are some new bugs to be fixed:

  • Bug 441764 - GNOME: gnome-keyring support partially broken.
  • Bug 445724 - gdm: problems with xvkbd on TabletPCs
  • Bug 445923 - File Selecion Dialog changes its size and position
  • Bug 438071 - root owned icons on the desktop

GNOME 2.24.1 is awesome in OpenSUSE 11.1 B5, everything is supported by default and you don't need anything but some clicks to fully configure your tablet, however by default the current kernel ( doesn't include the BCM4322 wireless module (wl), and making the current tarball will return building errors, however, I've found the solution, apply the patch, follow the instructions and enjoy.

BTW. I love my new Canon Rebel XSi, replaces my old camera, I'm looking forward to take a lot of photographies! My official first photography:


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