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HP Pavilion TX2500z. Part II
Nov 10, 2008

OpenSUSE 11.1 release is getting closer and I just couldn't wait until December, so I started to test it. I recommend you to install B4, fixes a lot of bugs.

Video configuration

I didn't install the propietary ATI driver (fglrx), instead I'm using the open driver: radeonhd Notice however that after installing you will need to reboot in failsafe and add the X11 repository, otherwise your computer will freeze after login in. (Bug 437938)


You just can't build the package, yet.


Is not detected by default, however adding the dell in the model in Yast fixes it. (Bug 430734)

Tablet PC

Everything works out of the box, however you will need to set it up when Sax detects your card. (Bug 430527)

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Reader is fully integrated. (Bug 432199) After log in first time, open Yast and configure your fingerprint.

Remote Control

No idea.

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