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What's going on?
Jun 17, 2008

It's been awhile since my last real post (more than a few words I mean).

I'm not dead, I've been very busy moving from Mexico to US, looking for a good deal to get a great place in Boston, and I did it. I moved to Boston about two weeks ago. I like here, I mean, the office is usually very quiet and my apartment has great view and I have almost everything just around the corner, I even like the weird weather.


And my cubicle has windows! I like having sunlight, and because of the airport I usually see airplanes, pigeons and doves and sometimes you can even see Zeppelins flying around. I would be lying if I said that has always liked sunlight, but after months of being in a Dungeon (not literally) I realized that having a window is very important for being productive.


I'll be adding my personal touch to my cubicle, you know, hanging stuff, using some posters, etcetera, in the following days, I still have plenty of free space.

Chicken leg My office

I'm still missing some home furniture, I think don't need too many, but who knows. Anyway, let's continue!

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