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Jan 02, 2008

I don't spend too much time watching News TV channels because there are always bad news. However, yesterday while waiting to watch a TV show I decided to switch over and over until find something else to watch while waiting, switched to CNN and there was something that caught my attention: One laptop per child project was on the news, I know this isn't a "real new" because the project started years ago, the project itself is impressive however there's something else that impresses me very much: the idea to let normal people to know about free software (as the whole thing) and show them a "product" that uses it, I like that, of course by normal people I mean people not deeply involved with computers but for their daily work.

That feeling appeared today when I was setting some preferences on the TV, a particular menu caught my attention (again), maybe because the term "License" is not so common, at least not on TV menus:

Free Software

... that makes me think about people that says phrases such as "Free Software is gratis you won't make any money at all" or "Oh wait.. you are using free software on your software, then you are developing insecure software" What would people say when someone tells them that at least one gadget they are using right now uses Free Software?

Is like: I hate it but I can't live without it. Big clichí©.

Update: I don't know why, but usually I think one word and write another. Some kind of dyslexia?

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