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Sep 01, 2007

When I started the current version of MonoUML.ReverseEngineering, Rodolfo suggested me to check Mono.Addins, well now I've done so. Mono.Addins is a library written by Lluis Sanchez to allow easy addin-like systems development, for example, MonoDevelop is currently using this library.

So what's the relation with MonoUML? Well, right now, I'm starting to define the Core of the library that will be used for an addin-like system, of course using Mono.Addins, to change the current MonoUML implementation into an addins system. My ideas are the following:


Of course, this my first draft and changes may be without any warning. I have to define the signature of each interface trying to define the most generic ones. I will start changing MonoUml.ReverseEngineering component to this new effort.

I think this will be the biggest change on the MonoUML Architecture defined years ago. Read the Blueprint for more information.

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