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Marshalling problems, again
Oct 30, 2006

Since past week, I'm writing a socket server to enable IPC between .NET-based clients and Linux acquisition servers. TCP/IP multi-threaded server isn't the problem, but clients are, why? Because of .NET's marshaling. What's my idea? this idea is the basic "header-data message", you know, use the header to set details related to data, so I will have header { server-code, data-length, timestamp, etc, data }, and data will change depending on the server. Implementing that in C/C++ or any other not-managed programming language is easy, neither unmanaged nor managed C# code are working, I have already solved the problem, but it's hack-like, and I want a prettier, better and nicer solution.

I'll try to post samples as sooner as possible to show this problem, maybe testing same code with gmcs may work, I'll figure it out tomorrow.

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