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Is it linux?
Oct 29, 2006

While I was waiting my flight to Puerto Vallarta, you know, past month, because of FSL2006, a guy approached to me to ask about lend him my computer because needed to check something by reading his email, and I said "Yeah, why not?", hopping he was able to find the way in my Debian-based laptop, while he was grabbing the computer said "Is it Linux? Isn't it?" Of course I turn left to see Mauricio's face, because he was also waiting the flight, both were so impressed, that guy seemed to be a "normal one", you know, MSWindows-only user, however, we were so impressed because he knew the environment, and yes he is mexican too, based on his accent he was from Monterrey or somewhere around. Is nice to find "normal people" who know Linux as well.

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