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To Do
Oct 15, 2006

I'm facing an issue related to inconsistences in the source code that am porting, for example, variable-naming:

struct sample {
int variableName;
int otra_variable;

Did you notice the problems? First, using camelCase to declare the variable, then using underscore to separate words in variable, and also mixing both Spanish and English. I just don't like it. I'm updating the code while testing its performance. A C-based refactoring tool would be nice,

So I need, to find either C-based refactoring tool or write mine and then need to spell comments, by either finding an application or, also, writing mine.

So, now, I need:

  1. Refactoring tool, to refactor C sources.
  2. Comments speller tool, to spell source code comments.
  3. Mediawiki 2 Docbook 2 MonoDoc, to allow browsing current manuals and tutorial in MonoDoc.
  4. MonoCanvas, yes! I haven't yet finished this! Need it NOW!

A lot of free software to write.

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